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All About Us

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Fairview First United Methodist Church started beneath an old elm tree south of town on Sand Creek following the Land Run of 1893.  That first Sunday School class soon moved into a sod house located near the present-day power plant.  It was written by one attendee that “The first seats were posts nailed on stakes set in the earthen floor.  After a service one felt as if one had been riding on the edge of a wagon box for miles.”

In the summer of 1896, local Methodists moved to the Sand Creek School, a sod house two miles east of Fairview.  It was in that school house that the necessary legal steps were taken and a church was born.  The Methodist Episcopal Church of Fairview, Woods County, Oklahoma Territory Articles of Incorporation were signed on October 7, 1896 and though all other records of those early days have been lost or destroyed, the spirit and faith of our pioneering fathers has survived for 114 years.

In December 1901, members moved into the first frame structure which was located on the northeast corner of what is now Seventh and Walnut.  Due to the generosity, dedication and sacrifice of its members, the church was dedicated debt-free.  After two additions and other changes,  it became apparent to the congregation that they had outgrown their starter home. As early as 1916, the church purchased tax certificates for the five lots across the street south from the frame building.

With a church membership of 400, the new structure was dedicated on October 22, 1939—once again debt-free.  It was that same year that the then 3 branches of Methodism united and formed the Methodist Church as we know it today. 

As we continued to grow, it again became obvious that a larger facility would be needed and plans began for our current home.  After more than a decade of planning and fund-raising, we broke ground on land purchased across from Cornelson Elementary on east Elm.  On August 1, 2004, following a ceremonial walk and transport of the elements made by the entire congregation, from the building on Seventh Street, we began gathering in our current home.

And nothing would please us more than to have you join us here as part of our church family!


Mission 2015 ATL - Thirty-three youth & adults spent their Spring Break in Atlanta, GA sharing in M25 Ministries work on the streets and in the shelters to some of God's most beautiful and happiest children.